Individual tours

Many people who enjoy travelling the world prefer doing it not as part of a group, but in splendid solitude. This allows to visit those particular places you wish to visit and at that particular time, without being bound by great many obligations and conventions implied by the group tourism. Of course, an individual tour can be organized independently, but it requires a lot of time and effort, so it’s still preferable to turn to the professionals. To our company, for example.

For many years now we have been helping people to make fascinating trips to various corners of the world on specially prepared itineraries and taking into account their personal wishes and requirements. Our managers have a great experience in organizing such voyages, that’s why we can offer you trips, memories of which will truly last a lifetime. We practice, of course, a strictly personal approach to each of our clients, which is the key to overall success.

It is worthy of note that the process of planning and organization of the future trip takes us minimum time, which is especially pleasing for individual clients. Thanks to the high professionalism of the staff we manage to completely plan the most convenient route, develop excursion and cultural programs, provide bookings and necessary transfers. As for the price of an individual tour, which is an issue by no means unimportant, it is considerably higher than that of group tours, of course; however, it’s quite natural: such trips are truly unique and, as the saying goes, by definition can’t be cheap. Nevertheless, you don’t need to have very serious financial resources to go on an individual tour with the help of our company.